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Product Information

Gold Filled Products

Gold filled jewellery contains an actual layer of Gold that's pressure bonded to a core metal using pressure and heat

Gold Filled Products are more durable and long lasting and is the next best thing to buying a solid gold piece 

Gold and Silver Plated Products 

Gold plating (electroplating) is a process where a thin layer of plating is dipped or plated onto metals some more durable that others depending where it is manufactured, plated products should never be exposed to water, perfume, beauty products or rubbed so that the wear can last longer and to avoid damage

Sterling Silver Products

925 Sterling silver means that 92.5% of the product is Pure Silver 

Sterling silver contains 92.50% pure silver and is mixed with other alloys such as copper, zinc, or palladium to make it stronger and more durable overall.
is a great all round Hypoallergenic product for people apart from those allergic to pure silver 
Surgical Steel
Steel metal that has a high corrosion resistance and is hypoallergenic meaning even the most sensitive people usually can tolerate wearing this metal, This metal presents a darker silver look and is noticeably different from sterling or a silver plate
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